En grupp på drygt 40 afghanska flyktingar, ihoptryckta i en båt gjord för tio, närmar sig Lesbos norra kust, efter fyra timmar till sjöss. Som för så många andra båtar har bensinen tagit slut mitt ute på havet. Trots de höga summor som betalats, har smugglarna inte fyllt på tillräckligt med bränsle. Simmandes har några unga män lyckats styra båten i rätt riktning mot den grekiska ön. Av de drygt 850 000 flyktingar som har lyckats ta sig till Grekland i år, har mer än hälften kommit via Lesbos. 2015 har varit det dödligaste året hittills för människor som på flykt korsat Medelhavet, med nästan 4 000 dödsfall.
 For years the farmers of the Mexican state Guerrero have been living in fear. Stores were closing early and people stayed locked inside their houses when dusk fell. In the surrounding areas criminal groups and cartels have been growing stronger in recent years, leaving everyone affected. Extortions of a couple of hundred dollars, to kidnappings with extremely high ransoms have become more and more common. The targets of these crimes are often the young. For the villagers, who make a living mainly on farming, the sums are usually impossible to pay. Some manage to borrow the money and place themselves in deep dept. For others it ends worse.   Eventually people had enough. The escalating violence and the lack of faith in the authorities made thousands of people gather in the little town of Ayutla. Ranging from eighteen to eighty years old, they armed themselves with what they had - rifles, machetes, pistols and sticks. An organized movement, by many called the Vigilantes, started to grow. Along the narrow mountain roads checkpoints were set up. To avoid retaliation, the vigilantes wear masks. IDs are checked and cars are searched for weapons and drugs.   Today, life is slowly returning to normal. What used to be incredibly dangerous roads are now running local bus lines. The shops are open late and children are playing basketball in the streetlights. But above all, the people are no longer afraid.
Kajsa Grytt
Teju Cole